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      1)Solar Observatory:- 29th-30th March- 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.
                     2)Seminars:- 30th March- 12 P.M. to 2 P.M.


As every year Brahmand is coming with exiting events related to astronomy & astrophysics. This year's three subevents are....

1)Solar Observatory

This year we are calling Mr. Shrinivas Aundhkar,renown astrophysicist especially in the field helioscience(i.e. related to Sun). He will be explaining Sunspots' impact on Earth's Climate by using professional telescopes with very high quality solar filters.This type of event is carried for the first time by any astronomer for naive public. For more information of event please click here.

2)Seminars by First Year students

This is the main part of Brahmand which includes seminars by FY students on different topics in astronomy and astrophysics. The motto of event is to encourage FY students for study of subjects in Astronomy domain & subsequently delivering& discussing qualitative topics with naive audience.This year's topics are:-
1)Cosmology:-It will include the relevant discussion on big bang theory,steady state theory,cosmological models etc.
2)higgs boson-god particle:-Everyone is exited about the discovery of higgs-boson but knows much less about its actual role in particle physics. This seminar will guide them to get deep knowledge of higgs boson.
3)Theory of everything:-This includes starting from single theories of particles and forces to unification of all forces & particles like in string theory.
4)Modern ways of exploring space:-It will include recent experiments & technologies in astronomy like LHC,mars rovers,SETI projrct for extraterrestrial life,Hubble Space Telescope etc.

3)Online Quiz

For the first time brahmand is coming with online quiz having two rounds, Ist on general physics & chemistry, IInd purely on astronomy. Winners will get appropriate prize. For more details read the rules section.

For more discussion on event don't forget to like page as well as event 'Brahmand-2013' on facebook.


  • For seminars participants are already selected in college,this is not a compitition to take part.

  • In case of online quiz,anyone can attempt it. Just go to the quiz page and follow the instructions.

  • There are total two online rounds, no offline round.

  • Both rounds can be given until 28th March 2013,better you give them sequentially.

  • Score in both rounds will be considered for winners of quiz.

  • Winners will be conveyed their results on regestered e-mail and phone no. & will be awarded by appropriate prize.


Quiz & Planeterium
Mr. Sushen Joshi
Contact No:+91 7798140098
Email Id :-

Mr. Junaid Pathan
Contact No:+91 8007822378
Email Id :-

Mr. Shakti Wadekar
Contact No:+91 8793507817
Email Id :-

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