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I am An Engineer:

The event 'I am An Engineer' is categorized under Exhibitions and is one of the new events of PRAGYAA 2013.
This event is mainly for students who have the capability of expressing their innovations through their
practical knowledge. This platform encourages them to present their work in front of great
people and learn more about the same. The contestants are also given an opportunity to share their skills
with new faces who are eager to be the same.

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Ancient Indians possessed great knowledge and applied it for the benefit of community in all areas of human development. In fact, several inventions and discoveries believed to have been originated from the Western world had
been studied centuries ago by our ancestors. For instance, it is widely believed that Ferdinand Magellan was
the first person to discover that the Earth was round, during his voyages, somewhere around 1500 A.D. In 499 A.D., famous Indian Astronomer Aryabhatta defined the shape of the Earth in his work Aryabhateeyam [Chapter 4-6].


Brahmand is a Space exhibition where we explore answers to many questions about the Cosmos.
It'll unravel the deep mysteries of cosmos from our earth itself to the edge of the universe. Through the Science
& Superstition behind 2012 phenomenon to mysterious Dark energy causing Accelerating expansion of this vast
universe; from its distant past to ultimate future! We'll take this voyage through the seminars by

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An exhibition what started off as an institute's affair has now grown exponentially into unimaginable height. It is a platform for company personnel, builders, architects to relate with their consumers closely through the students
as mediators.

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