Project Exhibition I am an Engineer.

Junior Scientist


Initiate a spark of idea in your mind, Innovate a novice thing for the World and Illuminate it into a fierce action.

          Welcome to this national level platform to showcase your talents in research field. In our event 'Junior Scientist in PRAGYAA 2013, you can exemplify the world that though you are "chota Packet" you can do "Bada Dhamaka". So get ready with your innovations to amaze everyone. Grab this golden opportunity and win Exiting prizes.

          Dr. A.P.J.Abdual Kalam said "Ignited mind is the most powerful resource above the earth, on the earth and below the earth". You can show everyone that you are sharper enough to become a future scientist. Come forward and make a healthy contribution towards the nation. So, hurry up to get your name register with us.
For this, we have arranged two platforms:

1. Science Exhibition

2. Super Brain Quiz Contest

Shower your implicit bud of idea into a huge explicit tree of innovation.


Science Exhibition:

This section will highlight science project from the intelligent champs.

  • This section includes three groups that is group A, group B and group C.

  • Group A belongs to students from standard 1st to 4th standard.

  • Group B belongs to students from standard 5th to 7th standard.

  • Group C belongs to students from standard 8th to 10th standard.

  • Each School can participate with one team for each group.

  • Each team will contain two students.

Super Brain Quiz Contest:
  • This section will check skills of students in GK, science, math etc. according to their educational knowledge.

  • Group A must contain 1 student from 6th and 1 student from 8th.

  • Group B must contain 1 student from 7th and 1 student from 9th or both from 9th.

  • Each School can participate with one team for each group.

  • Each team will contain two students.

  • All students studying in std. 1st-10th, with a valid ID card of their respective schools are eligible.
  • Students are required to compete in a team consisting of at the most 2 members, individual participations will also be accepted.

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Main Coordinator
Bhushan Agrawal
Contact No:+91 9405151976

Joint Coordinator
Priyanka Pathrikar
Contact No:+91 7709158294

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