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With breathtaking display of e-game skills by gaming lovers from across India Gaming Zone gives you exactly what each and every gaming persona would like to see. Fierce competition, some breathtaking skills and yes a lot of risk finally draw the better from the pool of best.
                        So,get ready n charge your nos in this rivalry of supercars!!!!!


1. Players must be present in the tournament area at the notifications schedule. Players are    advised to be present a few minutes before the schedule to avoid any unpredictable
   delay. If the player is not present at the notification schedule, he shall be disqualified.
2. Players will be given 5 minutes to choose their car and tune them before racing.

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Main Coordinator
Mr. Palash Sawai
Contact No: +91 73875 36108
Joint Coordinator
Mr. Akshay Nagdive
Contact No: +91 80874 25844

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