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The journey to the amazing virtual world of games never ends just as you become a pro from a rookie. So it will be a mind boggling venture when the best in the country come face to face to display their gaming skills and to prove their metal to the gaming world.
                        So,show the power of your guns & grenades with unbeaten defence!!!!!!


1. Players must be present in the tournament area with the whole team at the notifications schedule. Players are advised to be present a few minutes before the schedule to avoid any unpredictable delay. If the team is not present at the notification schedule, they shall be disqualified.
2. Teams will be given 5 minutes to configure their settings and after that use of console or change in settings will be strictly prohibited.
3. A toss will be done to decide the side team wants to take.
4. The players have the freedom to bring and use their own controlling device, that is, mouse (USB only).
5. If the match is involuntary interrupted (player crash, server crash, etc.):
               o If one of the players is disconnected or crashed, he must come back in to the                     game as soon as possible and the round will be restarted.
               o If the server crashes before 3 rounds, the whole game shall restart from the                       beginning else the score will be recorded and then in the new game start                           money will be set to 4000$.
               o No compensation will be given in the money earned in game and lost due to                         interruption of the match.
               o The team should be of 5 members and no change of players in the team is                        allowed after they have played their first match.

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Main Coordinator
Mr. Palash Sawai
Contact No: +91 73875 36108
Joint Coordinator
Mr. Akshay Nagdive
Contact No: +91 80874 25844

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