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In Contraption we truly believe that science is not meant to be taught in boring, confined cuboids, but tackled and experimented with and this alone reflects its true mastery.
                We welcome you to showcase your talents and give you the license to display the most chaotic, complex and convoluted means to the end. Throw in all the energy conversions you are aware of, as one continuous routine without physically engaging yourself at any stage (Uh!!! yes that's the real challenge).
                For everyone who thinks the simplest solutions are the most powerful ones. We want you to rethink, defy all that logic and come up with the toughest and most complex solution to the given problem statement. The more complex your solution gets, the more points your earn!!


                  General rules:

  1. Students should carry proof of identity issued by their institution.

  2. Each team can have maximum 5 members.

  3. Same person cannot be member of more than one team. All teams involving common person as participant will be disqualified.

  4. All participants are requested to bring 2 copies of properly printed abstract of their contraption clearly mentioning steps and chart, which shows all Energy conversion. (If possible diagrams should be added.)

  5. A space of 5ft.*6ft.*7ft. (l*b*h) will be provided to each team.

  6. The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.

  7. No chemical explosions are allowed during the working of contraption.

  8. For more detail download this pdf

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Main Coordinator
Mr. Kale Sachin
Contact No:+91 7276429455

Joint Coordinator
Miss. Kulkarni Shruti
Contact No:+91 8390796007

sub Coordinators:
Mr.Gajwe Yeshopriy
Contact No:+91 8983337725
Mr.Jagtap Kiran
Contact No:+91 7709946100

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