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Art Attack


Art means that a skill is being used to express the artist`s creativity, or to engage the audience`s aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the audience towards consideration of the art skills which consists of drawing, paintings, sketches, including posters, handmade crafts and so on.
Art Attack is the event of PRAGYAA that provides an opportunity to the artist to colour their thoughts and imaginations and put them on paper.
Artist is a person who expresses his imagination through a medium such as drawings, paintings, sketches, and so on. Art Attack is a special event of PRAGYAA
Art Attack includes:
All the paintings, posters, and portraits of participants are placed in exhibition and the best one is awarded with prize. Date: 29th, 30th, 31st March 2013.
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Poster competition :
India is a country with distinct features. Participants have to present their ideas on the paper through their art based on the theme in a given time.
This year we are thinking to add a new concept to Art attack which will explore the hidden talent of artist. Poster competition theme:
1. Third World war.
2. Women against harassment.
3. Power.
4. Vision.
Date: 29th March 2013.
Time: 12:00pm to 3:00pm.
Best out of waste:
Art includes everything not only drawing and painting. There are many artists who know how to use waste paper, things, garbage to create something out of them. Art Attack can be a platform for such innovative minds.
Date: 30th March 2013.
Time: 11:00pm to 2:00pm.


1. The participants have to bring their colours and their required things for drawing along with them at the time of drawing competition.
2. They will not be provided with colours, brushes, colour, plate, etc.
3. In art attack best out of waste, the participants have to bring their piece of art created from any unused thing with them and they have to explain it to the judges.
4. The articles for exhibition can include painting, sketching and portraits.
5. A maximum of three hour will be provided for competition.
6. one or group of three person is allowed at the time of drawing competition.

Certificate policy:
1. Certificate of excellence will be given to all the winners.
2. Certificate of participation will be given to all the participants.
3. The team which gets disqualified due to disobeying any of the competition rules will not be considered for the certificate.

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Main Coordinator
Miss. Prerana Telang
Contact No:+91 7738778195
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Joint Coordinator
Miss. Jaishree Mokde
Contact No:+91 9021268150
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