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pick N place


Guys, its time to have technical fight at the cost of our luck. Are you ready to place your luck and defeat your luck through your commitment.

Ok then,

We provide you with the platform..... NO!!!!! The Battlefield for that.
PRAGYAA 2013 presents with the event named PICK N PLACE where you have to pick your destiny and place your destination.
The battle is divided into two phases:


HOME DELIVERY: is a Qualifying round which tests your eligibility for the battle. It consists of balls placed at different locations and you have to place them to the desired destination. Time constraint will be there.

ROBO BOWLING: Teams selected from the qualifying round will be allowed to enter into main round. Here comes your challenge, you must have heard “BOWLING”. What is the relation between “BOWLING” and “ROBOTICS” confused???
For more details visit the RULES and REGULATIONS of the event.


Qualifying round:
1) A team may consist of maximum four members.
2) In qualifying round, team have to pick the balls( DELIVERY) and put them in required     destination (HOME).
3) There will be 2 regions A & B which will be separated by a bridge.
4) On the basis of points & time taken to complete the task , teams will be selected for next     round.
5) Incase robot falls down from bridge, team will lose points.
6) Minute changes in rules may occur at the time of event as per our convenience.

1) The main arena is divided in to 4 regions layer 0, layer 1 and layer 2, layer3.
2) The robot will start from layer 1 where it will be put on a red square 40x40 cm2.
3) Robot will have to pick only one ball out of three balls from the box on layer 1 & bowl the ball from slope towards the bottles at layer 0.
4) Each bottle will have specific number. Bottles which will be dropped due to that ball will decide the position of ball that you have to pick & you have to place the ball at respective destination.
5) There are two destinations, destination 1 & destination 2. In destination 1 robot will have to place the balls between 1 to 5. In destination 2 robot will have to place balls between 6 to 10.
6) Destinations will be at layer 2.
7) You will have maximum three bowling chances.
8) Time for main round will be 15 minutes.
9) Balls will be regular lawn tennis balls.
10) The plastic bottles will be used for bowling.
11) Artificial Lego kits are not allowed
12) All rights are preserved to pick n place Coordinators.
13) Minute changes in rules may occur at the time of event as per our convenience.

For more detail download this pdf

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Main Coordinator
Mr. Nitin Dake
Contact No: +91 94215 49539
Joint Coordinator
Mr. Parag Parmar
Contact No: +91 75882 45110

Sub Coordinators:
Mr. Santosh Muley
Contact No: +91 86002 67054
Mr. Sachin Kanoji
Contact No: +91 83083 92036

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