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Technical textiles is the emerging area for investmentsand its potential is still largely untapped in India. Though India is the 2nd largest textile economy in the world after China, its contribution in the global technical textile industry is insignificant.
The technical textiles industry has immense potential in the developing countries. Asia is now emerging as a powerhouse of both production as well as end-use consumption of technical textiles.
TechnoTex is an event which exhibits projects in the field of textiles and related. So this key objective behind this campaign is to give a dedicated space to those students who wish to develop their activities in the field of textile and related.The innovative ideas of the students, which help to support or sometimes even guides for mass development in textile sectors in INDIA.Thus to understand exactly to seize the opportunities presented by projects.
TechnoTex will be the opportunity to exhibit the budding talent in the field of Technical textile in the hope to see you blossoming in near future as a future of Technical textile.

Themes for TechnoTex.
1) Geotextiles.
2) Medical textiles.
3) Agricultural textiles.
4) Nano textiles.
5) Aeronautics textiles.
6) Protective textiles.
7) Reinforced textiles.

OR any live project on Textile Technology.


1)The minor, major projects undertook by diploma/degree students are allowed along with their samples or working models.

2)Samples developed or modified by students can be presented and are encouraged.

3)Unlimited entries from any technical college.

4)There should be minimum three participants per group not necessary from the same college.

5)Entry should be sent well before one 25th March2013.

6)The competition will be for one complete day and students have to exhibit their projects.

7)If the duplication of the project is occurred then one project will be rejected at last moment of registration.

8)They have to come with their own presentations (ppt/poster/ transparencies).

9)The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all the above rules as they deem fit.

10)The mail with submissions should contain:

Name of the theme

Name of the participants

Phone number of the participants

E- mail id

Project details

1)Bring your college I-Card on event day; also collect & bring the registration receipt and Participation I-Card.

2)The themes should be on entitled topics given by the team Texplorer.

3)Only undergraduate students may participate.

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Main Coordinator
Mr. Swapnil Mhaispurkar
Contact No: +91-7709-562-317
Joint Coordinator
Miss. Nikita loya
Contact No:-+91-9404-632-069
Email no:
Joint Coordinator
Mr. Sunny Ipte
Contact No: +91- 9673-667-006
Email id:
Event Coordinators:
Mr. Gajanan Bodke
Contact No: +91-9890-242-322
Email id:

Sub Coordinator
Miss. Mohini Ashturkar
Contact No: +91-7507-166-477
Email id:

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