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TEXPLORER Paper Presentation


Paper Presentation is competition about presenting a powerpoint presentation on entitled topics. It’s all about how deep you have understood the topic,how you present your topic in front of audience.We see the way you present it, the way you put your information, in short, the style of presenting the paper. This event is aimed at boosting the technological and communication skills inherent in today's youth, also providing them with an opportunity to exhibit their innovative ideas and thoughts.This event encompasses all the domains within the horizon of technology. Texplorer Paper Presentation rather encourages interaction thereby facilitating transformation of seedling ideas to giant trees of innovation and progress. We hope that our endeavor will play a significant part in providing the platform for the deserving minds on an ever rising and never ending growth.

Final Topics for Paper Presentation
1) Role of merchandiser in garment industry.
2) Eco-friendly processing in textile.
3) Advances in weft insertion systems.
4) Nonwovens in meditech.
5) Energy harvesting using textiles.
6) Impressions of ITME 2012.
7) Cotton spinning technologies in 2020.
8) Recent developments in knitted structures.
9) Sustainable developments in textile industry.
10)Technological advancement in synthetic industry.


1)Please Note: All the participants are required to bring two hard copies of their paper along with them on the day of the event. All the short listed participants present during the event will be given a participation certificate.

2)Short listed participants should submit their full paper as per given norms on or before 25th March, 2013 along with your contact details (Mobile number and email id).

3)Persons from different institutions can be a part of the same team. However, one person may not be a part of multiple teams for the same event.

4)Bring your college I-Card on event day; also collect & bring the registration receipt and Participation I-Card.

5)The Paper should be on entitled topics given by the team Texplorer.

6)Only undergraduate students may participate.

7)Original contribution to the paper will be appreciated and praised.

8)Judges and organizers reserve the right to modify the rules without prior intimation.

1)Each team/entrant must formally present their presentations no longer than 10 minutes followed by question-and-answer for 5 minutes.

2)Presentations may be accompanied by visual aids.

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Main Coordinator
Mr. Swapnil Mhaispurkar
Contact No: +91-7709-562-317
Joint Coordinator
Miss. Nikita loya
Contact No:-+91-9404-632-069
Email no:
Joint Coordinator
Mr. Sunny Ipte
Contact No: +91- 9673-667-006
Email id:
Event Coordinators:
Mr. Dhiraj Watgure
Contact No: +91-8956-004-491
Email id:

Sub Coordinator
Mr. Mangesh Vidolkar
Contact No: +91-9503-800-392
Email id:

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