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ICON Sanshleshan (Paper Presentation)


Instrumentation, Process and Signal Processing techniques are extensively being applied to address a variety of engineering problems. These techniques along with soft computing technology like artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic system, evolutionary programming, genetic algorithms and optimization are widely being used to address complex, non-linear, uncertain real world engineering problems. These approaches attract researchers as these are robust and computationally simple and provide more practical and realistic solutions. Eminent scientists and engineers working in this field or in any other field would be invited to share their experiences and knowledge on the state of the art technologies.


1. For a candidate to participate an abstract of the given selected topic should be submitted to within the specified deadline of 25th March, 2013. The abstract should comprise of the following points:

# Cover page with Topic, College Name, Personal details and Contact information.

# Next, abstract should enclose Introduction, Basic Theory, Experimental Theory, Conclusion and Why this Topic?

2. After submission of the abstract, the participants will receive a confirmation note to their respective E-mail Id within 26th March, 2013. Later the candidates will have to submit their paper on the same topic to within the closing date of 27th March, 2013 according to the prescribed guidelines.

# Participants are required to prepare their manuscripts in standard IEEE paperformat using LATEX or MS Word typesetting only. Refer to the IEEE website for templates

# Candidate's Name, E-mail Id, Contact information and College name with the Presentation Topic should accompany on a separate cover page.

After the team submits the E-paper, if any corrections are to be made will be mailed to the team member and if the paper is not matching the IEEE format, the paper will be strictly rejected.

3. A team should not go beyond 3 contestants.

4. Each team will be allocated 20 minutes (15 + 5) duration for their presentation.
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Departmental Main Co-Ordinator:
Mr. Sandeep Bharati
+91-96041 90916
Departmental Joint Co-Ordinator:
Mr. Vishal Tour
+91-94045 96791

Event Main Co-Ordinator:
Miss. Snehal Wanje
+91 81497 07540

Event Joint Co-Ordinator:
Miss. Minal Mhaiskar
+91 94203 61344

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