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BioMedi Expo


Biomedical Instrumentation is the field which takes both engineering and medical fields together to produce phenomenal technical instruments for diagnosis, treatment and measurement of various body parameters So, I-CON 2013 is back again with innovative demonstration of biomedical instruments such as ECG,EEG,ECT, etc for diagnosis and measurement of various body parameters. Purpose of this demonstration is that most of the people should get aquainted with recent equipments available for medical diagnosis.(diagnosis of visitors is free of cost).


This exposition will give you basic demonstration of following biomedical instruments-

1.Audiometer- Used for evaluating hearing loss

2.EMG(Electromyograph)- Used for evaluating and recording electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles

3.Electrosurgical equipment(gyfracator)- Used for cutting and coagulation of body tissue using AC

4.Defibrillator- Delivers a thearapeutic dose of electrical energy to the affected heart

5.ECT(Electroconvulsive Therapy)- Used for severe depression treatment

6.Spirometer- Used for inspiring and expiring volume of air by the lungs

7.Ventilator- Used to provide artificial breathing mechanism

8.Ultrasonic Therapy- Used for treatment of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal diseases

9.Electrical Safety analysers- Used to verify electrical insulation.


Departmental Main Co-Ordinator:
Mr. Sandeep Bharati
+91-96041 90916
Departmental Joint Co-Ordinator:
Mr. Vishal Tour
+91-94045 96791

Event Main Co-Ordinator:
Varsha Kohirkar
+91-95958 81637

Event Joint Co-Ordinator:
Mr. Manoj Veer
+91-96233 65427

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