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Do you love fiddling with the electronics components...
Are resistors, capacitors, inductors....the only things that bother you most you in your dreams.?
If yes, HERE WE PRESENT A TECHNO CIRCUIT..... don't miss this event as it will push you to your extreme limits of building circuits with perfection.
Techno Circuit basically tests your practical knowledge of electronics and your ability to implement and rectify circuits... if you are thorough with the basics of electronics, you can crack it..!!


1.Each Team should have at max. 3 participants.

2.The Participants should bring their valid identity card

Round 1:Tech-Apti

1. Participants will have to face MCQ's based on basics of electronics and ur mental abilities.

2. There will be time restriction.

"2 winner teams from E-TECHNO CIRCUIT(online quiz) will be selected directly for Round-2..."

Round 2:Tech-Bug / Tech-Trace

Tech-Bug: In this round, a faulty nonworking circuit will be given to a team and they have to find and fix them.

Tech-Trace: In this round,team will have to identify and explain the working of the circuit given to them on the breadboard.

Each team will decide its own fate by lucky draw which will contain either debugger or tracer.

Round 3 : Tech-Build

1.Team will be asked to build a specific circit or a problem statement will be given in the form of getting a expected output on CRO.

2.Sufficient time will be provided.

3.In case of a tie, optimization & elegance of design will be promoted.

4.Team will have to give a satisfactory explanation of circuit to judges.

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Main Coordinator
Contact no:+91 7385235667
Joint Coordinator
Contact no: +91 9503419449

Sub Coordinator
Mr. Nikhil M. Minajgi
Contact No: +91 84850 24348

Event Coordinators

Main Coordinator
Contact No: +91 72768 56071
Joint Coordinator
Contact No: +91 99217 16721

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