Project Exhibition I am an Engineer.



Stop staring out of the Windows.. experience the beauty of the dazzling open world.
Stop kidding with the mouse.
And know the power of Keystrokes.
Skyscrapers code are computing pet bytes of data
What that remains concealed is the robust platform and the powerful genius that shapes it.
Few lines of scripts can change the face of your hard-disk.
“Yes LINUX is that much powerful .It's an epoch .”
CODENZA introduces a
event called "ConfLinux" .Your skills in shell scripting may shatter all your adversaries on the Battlefield of a very authentic Linux platform. So we urge you to load a Linux kernel into your bright Memory and stimulate your neurons to awake a Shrewd programmer within you.


1)Each team should consist of atmost 2 participants.

2)Each round has a specific time limit.

3)Judges decision will be final and binding on all participants.

4)There are 3 rounds.

5)No specific branch restriction.

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Main Coordinator
Contact No: +91 97308 46468
Joint Coordinator
Contact No: +91 96657 36242
Sub Coordinator
Mr. Aniket S. Pande
Contact No: +91 77099 77694
Main Event Coordinator
Mr. Chandrakant D. Kokane
Contact No: +91 94037 49309
Joint Event Coordinator
Miss. Kiran S. Kendre
Contact No: +91 86230 96148
Sub Event Coordinator
Miss. Trupti H. Sawant
Contact No: +91 86005 22336

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