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The objective of this competition is to design and fabricate the tallest tower possible using a maximum of 50-60 ordinary drinking straws as the basic building material. The tower must meet specific dimensional requirements identified in the Construction Requirements section. After completion of all the towers, they will be subjected to a loading in order to determine the Load Carrying Capacity of the tower.Prior to testing, each team will share the reasoning of their design with the group. So you have a chance to build a tower on such national level platform.



1) The tower must be constructed from the straws and tape. No other material or substitutions are allowed.
2) Straws may be bent, fitted inside one another or taped, but they can't be cut.
3) The tower must be freestanding (except for tape to the floor) It must not touch or be attached to or leaning against any other surface (e.g. walls, ceiling,desk, etc.).
4) Contestants will have 90 minutes to build a tower.
5) The judge's decision shall be final related to any apparent safety hazards.
6) Tower must be fixed with the base plate.
7) Maximum 3 members in a team are allowed.8. Required material will be provided by organiser.
8) Height of the Tower should be greater than 45 cm.

Construction Requirements:
1) No restriction for height of tower.
2) No restriction on shape.
3) Tape may only be applied at joints.
4) Tower must be in equilibrium condition after total construction.
5) Tower must be carried to testing station.

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Main Coordinator
Mr.Thakare Pankaj
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Joint Coordinator
Miss.Diksha Sarwade
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Mr.Ashwin Patil
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Event Coordinator
Mr.Yogesh Lendave
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Mr.Rahul Mali
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Main Event Coordinator
Miss. Patil Renuka
Contact No: +91 72768 23497
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Joint Event Coordinator
Mr. Nanwate Gopal
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Sub Event Coordinator
Miss. Ashwini Ghatkar
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