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Seemcity/Town planning is basically a concept of pre-planned city.Its planning is based on estimation of needs for a population which occupies the city as well as on the topography and geographical features of the site on which city is to be planned. Nowadays space utilization is very important and as per population increasing this issue will become more important. And town planning is duty of civil engineer only.

Hence PRAGYAA has brought forward this idea of ‘TOWN PLANNING’ which will be of great importance in near future.

1) In this competition, you have to prepare a plan of town.
2) You will be given the estimated population and geographical conditions about site on the spot.
3) Each team will get a chance to justify their reasoning behind the planning of their city and to what extent they have met the requirements and utilised the resources.


1) Maximum 3 participants per team.
2) Details of town to be planned will be provided on time.
3) Participant must complete the city model within 3 hours.
4) City is to be planned on a full drawing sheet which will be provided on the spot.
5) Participants should have their own drawing tools only drawing sheet will be provided.
6) Participants should have to explain their plan.
7) The judge’s decision would be final.

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Main Coordinator
Mr.Thakare Pankaj
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Joint Coordinator
Miss.Diksha Sarwade
Contact No: +91 73042 87484

Mr.Ashwin Patil
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Event Coordinator
Mr.Yogesh Lendave
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Mr.Rahul Mali
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Main Event Coordinator
Miss. Bhoite Shital
Contact No: +91 77099 04103
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Joint Event Coordinator
Mr. Tanpure Laxman
Contact No: +91 96655 19254
Sub Event Coordinator
Miss. Pooja Jaybhaye
Contact No: +91 73502 46132

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