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Cenfest Paper Presentation


We are in search of new ideas, concepts, skills, valuable thoughts and your power to present it. If you are confident about your skills and technical knowledge, then don't miss the golden opportunity to prove yourself through this national level event.

Topics of ppt:
1)Self Healing Concrete.
2)Metro Project (Case Study).
3)Earthquake Resisting Construction.
4)New Trends & Materials in Civil Engg.
5)Drought Management.
6)Demolition Techniques of Building.
7)Geosynthetics concept and application.

Note:-Participants may also choose topic other than the listed above, but it must be technical.


Each team will have to submit an abstract of their paper. The abstract should be concise in about 250-300 words. Participants should specify which category their paper belongs to. Participants will send the abstract of the topic, along with their names, name of college and contact numbers through email for short listing. Abstracts are to be mailed to and the last date of submission of abstract is 28th March 2013. The abstract should cover the review of the whole paper. The selection of the paper will be informed through email. (Please provide mobile number, email ids, college name, and year of study of all members of team).

1)The team should consist of maximum two members.
2)The presentation should contain 2 hard copies & 2 soft copies.
3)The presentation should be in TIMES NEW ROMAN font & and should not be more than 20    slides.
4)Time constraint for each team is 15 minutes.
5)No group can present more than one paper.

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Main Coordinator
Mr.Thakare Pankaj
Contact No: +91 73877 37818
Email Id:
Joint Coordinator
Miss.Diksha Sarwade
Contact No: +91 73042 87484

Mr. Ashwin Patil
Contact No: +91 95950 55611
Event Coordinator
Mr.Yogesh Lendave
Contact No: +91 96650 40993
Email Id:

Mr.Rahul Mali
Contact No: +91 89837 56828


Main Event Coordinator
Mr.MominSayyedZishan Ahmed
Contact No: +91 87932 04886
Joint Event Coordinator
Miss. Walke Saraswati
Contact No: +91 96655 60201
Sub Event Coordinator
Miss. Rathod Yogeshree
Contact No: +91 95032 48821
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