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You think, you have the heart to handle the heat of a fusillade and at the same time keep your cool? The technical debate is not for the weak-hearted. If you think you are armed with technical knowledge, possess the skill to debate on both sides and are gifted with presence of mind, then technical debate is meant for you. Welcome to the line of fire. The battles begin.

1) Use of organic & Chemical Fertilizer in agriculture.
2) Renewable & non-Renewable sources of energy.
3) Nuclear energy pros & cons.
4) Coal energy v/s Natural gas.
5) Artificial v/s Natural flavors of food.
6) Hydrogen fuel cell future energy source or not?
7) Biofuel v/s hydrocarbon fuel.
8) Future direction for the petroleum industry exemplified by Exxon.
9) Sustainable development: implication for the chemical industry.
10) Production of bioethanol either by synthesis from syngas or the fermentation sugar.
11) Biochemical or thermochemical approach for future fuel.

Note:- Topics will be provided on scheme of first come first serve.


1. The Debate shall be conducted in teams of two.

2. One member of the proposition side team shall give the introductory speech & one member of opposition side team shall speak.

3. All speakers shall be allotted a speaking time of 3 minutes, at the end of which a bell will be sounded. Points may be deducted for exceeding the allotted time as per the judges’ discretion.

4. The Introductory speaker of the Proposition shall be followed by the Introductory speaker of the Opposition. He shall be followed by the second speaker of the Proposition and Opposition respectively.

5. This will be followed by a brief rebuttal round which will be conducted in the question-answer format. The Opposition shall raise the first question. Which will be answered by proposition of another team?

6. The Debate shall conclude with Concluding speeches from the Opposition and then the Proposition.

7. At the end of first round teams will be eliminated on judging criteria.

8. The teams shall be judged on Content, Structure, Argument, Style, Rebuttal, Overall Impact.

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Main Coordinator
Mr. Ravindra B.Rahate
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Sub Coordinator
Mr. Kalpesh L.Solanki
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Debate Main Coordinator
Mr. Santosh G. Pawar
Contact No: +91 96738 93550
Debate Joint Coordinator
Miss. Shreya D. Pandey
Contact No: +91 95616 61992

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